Employee background screening

Say bye to liabilities and lending risks forever

Employee Background Screening

FactSuite provides business enterprises with a customized solution to address their employee background screening requirements, which are delivered at industry leading turnaround times. Each component of this employee background screening service addresses various avenues of risk related to specific job roles handled by the employees, thereby assuring the company of genuinely qualified resources.

Our Employee background screening service includes:

Services Description
Education verification Verification/ authentication of candidate’s educational qualification
Employment verification Verification/ authentication of candidate’s previous employment details
Address verification Verification of candidate’s residential address
Criminal Records verification Verification of candidate's criminal records across all courts through a law firm
Global Database verification Search of Global Regulatory and Compliance databases
Professional Reference verification Reference check of the professional contact provided by the candidate
Document verification Verification/ authentication of candidate’s identity & other documents
Drug Abuse verification Determination of drug abuse by candidate, if any
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