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Why do We Need to Stop doing Conventional interviews?

We all know how redundant job interviews are, in most cases. Nobody likes doing or attending them, and 90 per cent of the time, the interviews do not test any relevant skills for the position in question. Yes, we are talking about the jury system where many people get together and ask a set of stereotypical questions to every candidate. Many companies have, therefore, begun to question the relevance and need of the conventional interview. And these questions are even more essential today when the pandemic has us rethinking how we go about various things in our personal and professional life.

why is face-to-face interviews declining

Why do we need to stop doing interviews?

The shortcomings of the interviews are pretty evident and understandable. Conventional interviews usually judge just the interviewing skills of the candidate. However, many positions in a corporate don’t necessarily require great interviewing skills; hence, it is an unnecessary prerequisite in the entire recruitment process. It is also very expensive to conduct face to face interviews. Therefore many employers today are recruiting candidates unseen, over an intangible medium like a phone call. Of course, this trend does not apply to high-power or managerial jobs.

However, this trend can be expected to seep through to other retail and entry-level positions in companies. And it is only natural since most companies follow their obscure format to interview that may not necessarily be free from bias. Coupled with the health and hygiene complexities due to the pandemic, and the good old interview is almost unnecessary.

Problems solved?

But the complications do not end here. The unemployment rates are at a whole new high, and most of the candidates lie about their skills, qualifications, experience, or references in their curriculum vitae.

As a result, there is a good chance that the recruiters are lured into pretences while conducting interviews or even when recruiting them solely based on their application. At this point, it does not matter if your prospective candidate is an experienced professional or a fresher. The number of things that can go wrong while hiring a candidate based on misinterpreted information is alarming.

Whether dealing with freshers or experienced candidates, employers must perform a background check. Otherwise, hiring candidates solely based on the information they choose to share with you could easily backfire and cost you or your company a fortune.

Background screening is increasingly growing as a trend among big and small corporates. Many companies even have a dedicated background screening policy that includes educational background, employee background check, criminal records, employment history, social media check, etc. Another vital part of this procedure can be reference checks, which helps the company verify and authenticate the references mentioned in their application.

Why do you need employment verification?

Following are the reasons why you and your company should immediately begin with pre-employment screening:

● To maintain a safe work environment

This section is indispensable for any company. It involved checks such as criminal background

check, address check, legal and lawsuits check and license authenticity and discrepancies.

● To have a high-performance, productive staff

This is another thing that no company would want to compromise. Candidates may lie about their qualifications and experience, and therefore their incompetence might cost a lot to your organization. By running background checks of the candidate’s past employment, education, and personal background check, you can ensure that you hire the highest quality staff for your company. This is where companies can verify the references and get to know how the said candidate conducts herself/himself in a corporate environment.

What do you need for conducting employee background verification?

Many companies are under the false impression that they can efficiently conduct pre-employment screening in-house. However, that is far from the truth. It might be negligibly possible to run such background checks on your own, but one cannot match the skill and expertise of background verification companies.

While performing employment verification, these companies will critically scrutinize information and details that the employers might have overlooked or considered harmless.

With a detailed and efficient background check, these background check companies can help you find and hire genuine and right candidates.


A company is only as good as its team, so recruiting the right people for your organization is vital. Hiring someone based on false information will not only deteriorate the quality and productivity of your staff but can also put them at risk. Therefore, companies and organizations must include thorough background checks as an indispensable part of their recruitment process.