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Why Choose FactSuite as Your Background Verification Partner? Part 2

Welcome Back!

Or, if you have just finished part 1, welcome to part 2 of why entrust FactSuite with your employee background verification responsibilities? 

In the second part, we’ll throw light on some more features and benefits offered by FactSuite to make the process of employee verification hassle-free. But before we dive into these features, how about recapitulating part 1 quickly?

FactSuite as Your Employee Background Check Partner – Part 1: A Recap

In part 1 of this series, we understood the importance of pre-employment screening for both startups and established companies in ensuring workplace safety. We listed several verification areas that background screening entails and how they help companies make a sound hiring decision. Moving ahead, we learned about factors that hold back organizations from conducting a thorough employment verification on their own. We then brought FactSuite into the limelight – what it offers and how it helps organizations who are serious about the safety of their employees and workplace.

In the second half of the blog, we came across essential features FactSuite offers to its customers. Be it a customized CRM, insightful reports for data-driven hiring, automated workflows, or excellent customer experience, the blog highlighted the significance of all these features in background screening.

Yet there remain more features to talk about! In part 2, let’s see what more FactSuite has to offer to make background screening effective.

FactSuite Features – Part 2

  • Customized Background Screening Solutions: When it comes to employment verification solutions, one size doesn’t fit all. There are businesses of different kinds and sizes. The requirement of a startup with 10 to 50 employees would be unalike from that of an organization with 200 to 500 people. Other than size, industry type and employment type (permanent, intern, or contractual) have a crucial role in background screening. Considering them all, we offer customized solutions to match the unique needs of our clients. 

There are meticulously designed employee background check packages that you can pick as per your needs. We also have bespoke solutions as per industry-specific requirements in our services portfolio. Be it banking & insurance, manufacturing, hospitality, or retail, our background check expertise extends to various industries and spaces. We hate latent fees as much as you do, therefore, no hidden charges are lurking behind our services. Verify your talent with our customized background screening solutions without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • Third-Party Integrations: Organizations have their HRMS and ATS systems in place. Perhaps these tools have been weaved into their organizational fabric seamlessly, and it’s hard to replace or discard them. At FactSuite, we aim at simplifying the employee background verification of our clients without disrupting their internal processes. Therefore, we allow the integration of third-party HRMS and ATS systems. Let’s have a look at some of the third-party systems that you can integrate.
    • Jobvite,
    • Oracle,
    • Taleo,
    • Bullhorn,
    • Zycus,
    • Workday and more

Along with HRMS and ATS, our system allows API and webhook integrations too. Such tech integrations automate the background screening process, eliminate manual data entry and save time.

  • Reliable Affiliation Network: At FactSuite, we are affiliated with NASSCOM®. An association with such an eminent organization ensures reliability in the employee background verification data we provide to our customers. Our ISMS certification (ISO 27001:2013) empowers us to protect the interest of our clients and their candidates.

A comprehensive database and career competency tracking repository further make the data trustworthy. It is with their help that we verify the employment data and ensure that our clients hire the right talent quickly. As we extend a helping hand to our clients in their hiring process, we make sure we comply with all the HR laws, rules, and regulations.

  • Data Security: There is a ton of data involved in the process of employment verification. Details of the organization, personal information of the candidates, and professional insights of the current and/or previous employees are a part of employment screening. Breach in this data repository may cause damage to the organization, its people and candidates. 

As a responsible background verification company, we understand that your data is a valuable asset. Thus, we have consistent data security practices in place that ensure complete customer security. Moreover, with 2-level secure servers, ISO certifications, and data regulation compliance, we keep the issues of data loss and leaks far afield.

And it is a Wrap-Up

With the background screening industry packed with a slew of players, choosing the best background verification company could be perplexing. But these aforementioned features clear the cloud and tell you how FactSuite offers unique services and capabilities when it comes to background verification.

With all the features mentioned in parts 1 and 2, we shrink the hiring gap for companies and introduce them to the best background screening practices. In the complex job market landscape brimming with diverse candidates, select the best for your workplace with FactSuite.