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The Best Job Boards In India

There are more than a hundred job boards in India. Let’s face the truth – landing a job through most of these portals is in most cases, impossible. Well, almost. A large number of job portals have too many job postings to sift through, most of the job posts are unrelated to a specific search, which makes searching for a vacancy specific to your profile tedious, and the most frustrating part is that the chain of application is so long and complex, that it’s highly unlikely that an applicant’s resume will land into the actual recruiter’s inbox. 

In such a riff-raff of job search portals and platforms, serious professionals and employers are often looking for efficient job boards. We’ve put together a list of the best job boards in India that are peculiar and helpful for different reasons. Read on to know more.


LinkedIn is by far the largest job portal that users across the world have been using. In India, too, LinkedIn has the highest traffic of job seekers and applications to job postings. With key features such as skill-based, region-specific and industry-specific job search, it is most popular for searches related to IT, HR, and management. The portal allows professional connections, associations, and recommendations for different job roles, that makes it a vibrant place to hunt for the right job and the most suitable candidates.

Jobs For Her

A job portal specifically for women, Jobs For Her has a special focus on women who want to restart their careers after a break. The portal has options for full-time, part-time, work-from-home, returnee program, volunteering, and freelancing. The portal allows searches in different cities according to the preference of the job seeker. But of course, only women!

The more popular job portals: Naukri, Times Jobs, Monster India, Indeed

Among the most popular job boards in India, are Naukri, Times Jobs, Monster India and Indeed. These portals have the largest reach and traffic owing to the wide range and categories of jobs. From a top-management vacancy to a blue-collar job listing, these websites have a whole range of jobs.


Techgig is a platform for aspiring developers and techies to practice their tech skills and soak into all things tech – webinars, coding challenges, skill evaluation tests, jobs and more. The jobs section of the website lists tech jobs from some of the biggest tech companies in the country.


One of the most popular boards for tech-related jobs, Hackerearth is an online platform that allows recruiters to screen candidates based on their skillsets, conduct video interviews with the candidates, and allows virtual teams to screen them. 


For those employers looking for interns, and fresh graduates or college students looking for internships, Internshala is a popular choice. The portal is not only a space that connects companies to interns, but it also provides training for different kinds of skills to fresh graduates and interns. 

Job portals for blue collar jobs. 

In a country like India, hiring for blue-collar jobs such as drivers, housemaids, office boys, babysitters, and cooks is an easy task. However, it comes with a lot of security issues. To make this market systematic, the last few years have seen a number of online job portals with a focus on blue-collar jobs. 

The portal has 21 categories for jobs, which include data entry, teacher, nurse and steward and allows city-based searches for job seekers and employers. 

Another popular site for searching blue-collar jobs and employees is Just Jobs, that has search options in more than 24 categories, which include receptionist, BPO and personal assistant.

Other blue-collar job portals include Aasaan Jobs, Saral Rozgar, Job in Job, Quikr Jobs and Kaamkaaj, among several others.

Job portals for freelance, gig and contract workers

With the rise in India’s gig economy, a number of freelancers and consultants find themselves searching the Internet for good gigs. Likewise, businesses, startups, and large corporations, too, look for gig workers that have relevant skillsets. Websites such as Wakency and Flexjobs are among the most preferred freelance job boards.

DevNetJobs India

For those seeking opportunities to work in the development and social sector in India, www.devnetjosindia.org is one of the best job boards. The website shares a comprehensive list of job vacancies and consulting opportunities in different sectors such as education, environment, health, and more. Jobs can be searched based on region, industry and experience level. The portal also has a section of featured jobseekers listing out profiles of jobseekers for recruiters.

Whether you’re a recruiter/HR looking for talent or professionals seeking employment opportunities, these job boards will make your search easy, interesting and efficient.