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Managing a multi-generational workforce

Managing a multi-generational workforce Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby boomers, silent generation and Gen Z – today, five generations try to coexist at workplaces. For organizations, this scenario is both an opportunity and a challenge. Opportunity: to drive innovation by utilizing the knowledge, expertise, and wisdom of each of these generations. Challenge: bringing together diverse employees to co-work,… Read More Managing a multi-generational workforce

HR Corner

Benefits Of Building A Diverse And Inclusive Workforce

A diverse and inclusive workforce is defined as one that respects and appreciates differences in gender, ethnicity, age, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. Such organizations have a great deal of variety in the workforce and actively involve ideas, perspectives, and knowledge of employees from varied backgrounds. Organizations are increasingly seeing the importance of building… Read More Benefits Of Building A Diverse And Inclusive Workforce