Background Verification Basics

The Importance of Previous Employment Check

Previous employment check is an essential part of the recruitment process. It is a crucial background check that enables an employer to verify the past employment information or history of a candidate. A thorough check into a candidate’s past employment record can provide insight into their work history, experience, job stability, and loyalty to an employer. It helps employers to determine whether the candidate is fit for the intended job or not.

The process of previous employment check involves confirming the past employment information provided on a candidate’s resume or application by directly contacting one or more previous employers. Previous employment check may be used to verify dates/duration of employment, job position, job description, salary, the reason for leaving the job, etc.

As a professional background verification firm offering services to recruitment agencies and businesses, FactSuite brings to the table expertise and efficiency in ‘previous employment’ checks. Here are the measures adopted by us for verifying previous employment information.

Creating a checklist of information to be verified

The foremost thing required to carry out such checks is to jot down the information that needs to be verified for a specific candidate. It is necessary to streamline the data required to serve the purpose by creating a checklist of information.

Contacting directly with the past employers

The best way to verify the accuracy of a candidate’s previous employment details is to directly contact the past employers listed on the candidate’s application. Using our pan-India network, we reach out to human resource department requesting the required details on your behalf.

Checking for employment gaps

Sometimes a candidate may have gaps in their job history. It is important to ascertain the reasons for such gaps by verifying, confirming, and bringing out with the relevant information in a professional manner.

Checking through social networking sites

There are many social networking sites dedicated to improving the network of professionals. We verify the information provided by a candidate by cross checking his or her profile on such sites.

Cross Checking Interview Data

Data and insights collected during the interview can be cross checked with report generated by FactSuite. Our method of data collection and data processing are within the framework of Indian laws. This helps you mitigate any risks of fraud while hiring for your company or client, ensuring better retention rates and effective hiring.