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Hiring Freshers for Your Company? Don’t Forget Background Verification Checks.

Whereas companies might be conducting proper employee background verification checks when hiring experienced candidates for high profile roles, they often ignore the importance of background checks for freshers. The reasons for this are: companies assume there’s not much at stake when hiring freshers; as freshers are just entering the professional world, companies think there’s not enough to conduct background checks; or companies feel that conducting checks on freshers would be a waste of time, effort and money.

Ignoring background verification of freshers is a wrong approach for any organization, however big or small. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the key checks that organizations should conduct when hiring freshers.

Education check

Candidates applying for their first jobs could share wrong information about their education. E.g. showing a degree or course as complete even when it isn’t or if in cases where it is near completion; sharing wrong information about the university or the location, are among some of the information that could be shared incorrectly by fresh graduates. Since freshers do not have any professional experience, it is important for organizations to assess their educational background properly as it is one of the few factors that would throw light on a freshers competency. A few things that should be thoroughly checked are mark sheets, graduation certificates, and letters from universities and institutions.

Education reference check

As freshers do not have any prior professional experience, the most important reference checks would be education reference checks – from their teachers, professors and mentors at their educational institutions and universities. Background verification companies can help conduct education reference checks with special emphasis to details such as the candidate’s personality, competence, reputation and more.

background verification for freshers

Family and personal record

When candidates are freshers, there are only a few checks that can reveal information about their professional competency. Organizations have to depend on candidates’ personal information to assess their character and competency. Professional background verification agencies can collect candidates’ personal and family background. Background companies also use social media platforms to conduct checks – objectionable photographs, abusive comments leaning towards racism, discrimination or threat might be enough to assess candidates’ character and whether or not they are fit for a particular job or industry.

Skills verification

Imagine this: a fresher mentions a number of key skills in the CV, based on which, s/he gets a call for the interview. The candidate is smart enough to clear a few rounds of interview. However, when the hiring company sends the candidate’s profile for background checks, the results reveal questionable reports. The background verification agency finds the candidate’s skills vary from those taught at the institute mentioned in the CV. Upon further investigating into this discrepancy, the agency finds the candidate had shared false information in order to get a call for the interview.

Such cases are common when hiring fresher candidates. Hence, it is important for organizations to conduct skills verification tests, too. Organizations may not be able to conduct tests for all the skills mentioned in candidates’ CVs.

Over to you

If you’ve understood the importance of conducting background screening on freshers, well done! The above-mentioned checks are critical to hiring the right kind of entry-level candidates in companies. Background verification checks of fresher candidates can range from something as simple as the candidate’s university identity card to reference checks from organizations where the candidate has interned to medical record to character checks by speaking with friends and neighbours of the candidate.

Background checks could be as simple or as detailed as required by a particular profession or a company. It is up to the HR team and the hiring managers to hire the right kind of entry-level employees. Background verification companies make it easy for organizations.