Background Verification Basics

A Guide To Best Employment Practices – Address Check

Address check confirms the credentials shared by the candidate with the employer and ensures that the address is true and the candidate actually resides in that particular address.

What is the process that is followed?

Usually, the best practise involves undertaking a physical visit to the provided address to verify the information shared by the candidate. We also collect other address related information such as: Ownership status, Period of stay, Candidate staying with family/friends, any other relevant remarks made by neighbours. Any aliases used by the candidate to conceal negative information will be exposed when a thorough address verification is carried out.

Also, it is highly recommended that you verify both present and permanent addresses. It is also a good practice to verify the addresses of a candidate for a period of 5 -10 years. Doing so will expose any criminal acts committed by the candidate previously.

People often tend to change address/location and establish new identity when trying to hide misdeeds that may have put them on the Police radar. Such people with questionable backgrounds often get away when a company fails to perform background verification, more importantly an address verification.

Who should ideally opt for it?

All companies irrespective of the skillsets or management level of the employees should perform address verification. Address verification along with Education and Employment are hygiene checks that cannot be ignored by any company.

One cannot stress the importance of address verification for people involved in Cash management, logistics, sales & Marketing, delivery staff of e-commerce companies, home healthcare service providers etc. It helps establish and confirm the person’s identity while being a crucial lead in tracing the miscreants when such incidents happen.

It is not uncommon today to hear of ATM cash vans being robbed, delivery staff absconding with high value parcels or in some cases also being charged with murder.

Hence as a corporate, it is imperative to know who you are employing and whether the candidate comes with a clean past. Also, it protects the employer from unnecessary legal complications if an employee were to become involved in a criminal offence.

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