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What Are The Documents Required For Background Screening?

Background screening is quickly becoming a mandate for a lot of the large corporate companies across the world. The process however, is very new for employees which leads to confusion and delays in getting your offer letter.

Are you one of those who is clueless about background verification and what it’s all about? Head here to know all about what to expect during a background verification. In this article, we tell you about the basic checks and the documents required for those checks.

The typical checks conducted vary from company to company and of course vary from role to role. Another factor that determines the checks done is that of role sensitivity.  Ethics and integrity matter more when you are in a sensitive role.

So, what are the typical checks done in background verification?

1. Address Check: This is a basic check that verifies the address you have mentioned in the application. Usually the company takes a government issued address proof to supplement this check. A field executive is sent to the address to verify the address details. A form that includes the details of family members is filled by the field executive and submitted to the company.

Documents Required:
a. Full address with proper landmark & contact details
b. Copy of any of the documents: Aadhar card, Driving License, Passport, Ration Card or Voter Id

2. Education check: In this check the company sends copies of your education degree to the issuing authorities. The issuing authority, in this case, the university then verifies the documents by checking its records. It issues a confirmation on its letter head confirming the authenticity of your education certificate.

Documents Required:
a.  Final year mark sheet
b. Provisional/Consolidated/Degree certificate

3. Previous Employment Check: For this check, the company reaches out to your previous employers’ HR to ascertain the documents and details you share directly.

Documents Required:
a. Current company’s offer letter
b. Current company’s last three salary slips
c. The following documents for all previous employment
– Offer letter
– Salary slips (last three months)
– Experience letter

4. Reference Check: This check focuses on re-verifying the claims you made during interviews and in your CV. It also helps HRs get an insight into your work style and achievements. The references are collected from you from your CV or when you sign the background check consent form.

Documents Required:
a. Two – Three references with contact details as per HR’s instructions

5. Database Check: This is check done to verify your name appears in the world database of people and organisations. Usually, the company just requires your name and father’s name. (Check if only criminals)

Documents Required:
a. Your full name, DOB, father’s name and address

6. Court Record Check: Similar to the database check, court record check searches for your name in the Indian court records – district, state and supreme court. This check shows any pending or previous cases that you were involved in.

Documents Required:
a. Your full name, DOB, father’s name and address

7. Drug Test: Lastly, the drug test checks for common drugs consumed by people for recreation or by addiction. This check is supposed to identify people who consume such drugs and could possibly lower the productivity at the company or break company policies towards drug use.

Documents Required:
a.  Your presence at the testing clinic or in some cases home collection of samples is done.

With all this information, you are well poised to undergo a serious background verification!