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Best HR Tech in 2018

While the world moves towards artificial intelligence and machine learning, tools in the Human Resources have also been getting smarter. Cloud computing has enabled HRs around the world to put HR tech into the pockets and browsers of all their employees. There are free and paid tools for every Human Resources sub- functions such as leave management, payroll management, talent management and rewards & reimbursements!

Here’s a list of few HR tools we use, and think will grow even bigger in 2018:

Recruiting – LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is a crowd pleaser! Host to over 37 million Indian profiles, the professional network is home to some of the best talent in India. We often turn to LinkedIn for our recruitment needs. Over the past couple years, LinkedIn has grown popular across job functions and industries in India. This has simplified and standardised job hunting for recruiters. Recently, they underwent a pricing change where they moved from a fixed cost per post to a pay per click model.

Online Skill Assessment Tests

As an employee verification company, we have noticed a 10% rate of discrepancies in the resumes of candidates. Many of our customers often end up having high churn because candidates do not have the requisite skillsets to do the job. Candidate assessments have become the need of the day. You could explore various online skill assessment companies like Mettl, HackerEarth and CodeGround!

People Engagement – Bitrix 24

If you are tech savvy and so is your company, you should check out They provide free use of an extensive HR ERP up to certain number of users. This is a handy tool if you are serious about having all your data structured and gearing for massive growth, much like most successful start-ups.

Rewards & Reimbursements –

Coming from the house of Directi, Zeta is quietly making serious inroads into the Indian worker’s compensation package. Zeta works as a digital wallet and tax-free claims and reimbursements with a large network of associations in India. They offer tax benefit vouchers like meal coupons, medical reimbursements, fuel cards and more to help employees take home more money.

Who wouldn’t want paperless reimbursements and credit that one could use across food points and other places of entertainment!


What are your favourite HR tech tools? Let us know in the comments below!