Employee Corner

Why Is Background Verification Essential?

As a business owner/ human resources personnel, you hold yourself and your business to a certain set of standards and you expect the same from your employees as well, which is why the hiring process can often be a stressful and somewhat tedious one for employers. In order to determine that applicants meet the requirements that are essential for the position that needs to be filled, a background check is necessary and the best way to go about doing that.

Employment background checks are vital not only for you as an employer but also for your company as a whole. You may have heard the terms negligent hiring, or due diligence. If you are not familiar with these terms we will tell you more about them!  As an employer, it is your responsibility to exercise reasonable caution or due diligence by uncovering any potential problems a person may have in their past that they could bring to the workplace. If you fail to exercise your due diligence, and this person is hired and goes on to harm someone, steal from the company, or sexually harass another employee, and there was evidence from their past that proved you were in a position to reasonably anticipate that this sort of behavior had the potential to repeat itself, you as the employer could be sued for negligent hiring. It is a frightening fact that employers who are involved in negligent hiring cases lose over 70% of lawsuits and in some cases, are ordered to pay lakhs of rupees in fines.

If you are a staffing company, conducting employment background checks of the staff you depute in your client locations, would be a contract requirement and any violation of the same would put your business relationship & your company’s reputation at jeopardy. As you can undoubtedly see, one of the most important reasons to conduct employment background checks on prospective employees is to protect yourself and prove that you have in fact taken the appropriate measures to ensure that this employee will not be any type of risk to you/your client or the workplace.

Aside from conducting background checks to investigate a person’s criminal past, it is also important to verify the validity of the educational degrees, professional licenses, references and past employment that the applicant has provided to you. If you are hiring for a position where a particular skill set, degree or license is required, I am positive that you want to be sure the person you are hiring for this position does in fact have the education, and licenses that they claim to hold.

We hope that you are convinced that the most important part of the hiring process begins with a proper background check. As an employer, you must exercise your due diligence when hiring, protect yourself from negligent hiring and be sure that you truly have the right person for the job.