About Us

Say bye to liabilities and lending risks forever

FactSuite is an authentication, verification & evaluation service wholly owned by QuinPro Info Services Pvt Ltd. QuinPro offers business solutions to its customers through its service brand FactSuite.

FactSuite was established to make a valuable contribution to the niche authentication, verification & evaluation industry. Primarily consisting of a multidisciplinary team of dedicated information analysts providing employee background screening, due diligence & mystery shopping services, it has rapidly built its resources & developed capabilities to establish a significant competitive presence across India.

FactSuite is committed to serve clients with the best of technology & efficient verification processes and to deliver against an ever-changing scenario of client requirements. With strong focus towards quality driven output & solving risk issues for some of the top multinational & Indian companies across various industries, FactSuite has been instrumental in implementing, monitoring and controlling their authentication, verification & evaluation processes effectively.

Why Us

In a market packed with a wide variety of service providers claiming to deliver all your business needs, hiring an authentication/ verification / evaluation services company can be tricky! Just about everyone makes similar promises but what differentiates us is our work which speaks for itself. We have an experienced team recruited from the industry. Our dedicated Client Service Team, empowered with cutting-edge technology, ensures delivery of incomparable services and timely resolutions. We constantly make efforts to improve our service and ensure your business objectives are met.

As a company rich in vision and ethics, we practice high standards and stringent information-security processes, which undergo internal and external audits regularly. We maintain a successful and committed network with local police departments, government authorities, educational institutions and courts across India. This helps us to retrieve authentic information about organizations and individuals quickly and effectively.

We are committed to protecting our clients and their candidates' interests by following strict data security policies through our meticulous & stringent ISMS-compliant procedures.

Our proprietary CRM application helps to reduce delay in the clients' authentication, verification & evaluation processes. It makes the client's job easier by facilitating upload/ download of case documents & verification reports, perform trend analysis and view other metrics. We provide specific, cost-effective and customized services through constant technological innovation, research and client feedback, fulfilling the requirements and organizational objectives of our clients and ensuring industry leading turnaround time for our reports.

FactSuite has one of the best verification reporting standards in the country. Our quality process includes stringent checks for all the reports by a dedicated Quality Assurance team and a regular audit by our Risk Audit team.

Our robust disaster recovery and business continuity policies alleviate risk and help deliver uninterrupted services to our clients across India.

As true believers of hard work and good conduct, we know that success never comes easy. We dedicate our success to super-charged employees and their million-dollar ideas. Instead of worrying about the rapidly changing and challenging circumstances, we create our own opportunities. When it comes to hiring talent, we prefer innovators. We strive to nurture a working environment where creators are encouraged to discover new possibilities of business & client servicing.