Background Verification Basics

Are you hiring candidates who have potential to grow?

A business or an organization cannot function without the right people. Companies – whether at a start up stage or growth stage – often face the challenge of hiring candidates who will contribute to the growth of the company and grow along.

The right candidate not only has experience, academic excellence, past achievements, but above all s/he has potential: the ability to adapt to the new organization and grow into increasingly complex roles and environments.

A number of factors lead to futile hiring decisions. It is for this reason that employers need to make hiring decisions hire based on solid objectives and have a formal recruitment process in place.

Hiring trends

Harvard Business Review talks about the different trends of hiring over the years. Whereas almost all through the 20th-century recruiters emphasized intelligence, experience and past performance as an important factor in hiring, the focus moved to competency hiring in the early 80s.  It meant that candidates were being evaluated on characteristics and skills that helped predict their performance in the roles for which they were being hired.

Now, in the present scenario though, the focus is slowly moving to and should necessarily move to potential. In a business environment that is competitive, uncertain and complex, it is imperative for organizations to hire employees who will contribute to the growth of the company as well as grow along with it. The most important factor, thus, should not be whether or not your employees possess all the skills required for their job role, but whether they have the ability and potential to adapt to the changing business environment as per needs.

Hiring for potential

Potential is difficult to assess compared to skills and past performance. The ability to select candidates with potential will be an essential skill that HR managers must possess. When hiring for potential, you looks deeper into the psyche of the candidate and search for something more than just talent, aspirations and achievements. This requires time, effort and skills. It even requires extra hands and brains. Ensuring that the candidate has the required talent and aspirations is something you already do well. However, verifying their achievements can get a bit tricky. Services for background verification of candidates’ profiles are part of the overall pursuit of finding the right potential candidate. These verification services help in understanding the long-term developmental capacity and career trajectory of a candidate.

Companies can only grow with employees who show outstanding performance, who are ready to take on roles involving risks, who have the potential to tackle changes and meet challenges with motivation. Hence, when hiring, companies need to delve deeper, explore skills, aptitude and abilities, rather than just past experience.

Look beyond the obvious

Based on Egon Zehnder’s research, these are some traits that recruiters can look for in candidates: curiosity, insight, engagement, determination and motivation. A recruiter’s role will involve looking beyond the showy and finding those that match the requirements of the company. FactSuite’s background verification services gather important information about candidates that might help recruiters take decisions of hiring the right candidate.